MICCR Webinar

Webinar technology is used in two ways: a) to communicate and manage the projects with specific community Teams; b) to conduct national symposia on college and career readiness topics that are relevant to MICCR as well as a broader audience. Our intention is to highlight both the research knowledge base on specific topics in the five content areas, as well as highlight specific college and career readiness efforts by the Teams.

  • MICCR Community of Practice: Individualized Learning Plans (Monthly Meeting)
    • Introducing ILP (October 2nd 2015, 1-2 PM EST)
    • MICCR Discussion with ILP Vendors (November 6th 2015, 1-2:30 PM EST):
    • Evaluating Individualized Learning Plans (January 8th 2016, 1-2 PM EST)
    • Assessment Development (February 12th 2016, 1-2 PM EST)