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The Massachusetts Institute for College and Career Readiness (MICCR) builds capacity for schools, youth-serving organizations, and communities to design, implement, and evaluate college and career readiness strategies and programs that enable youth to develop career and life goals and the skills needed to successfully and enter and complete a post-secondary program or degree.


  • Rely on evidence-based strategies to identify and develop college and career readiness strategies and programs.
  • Collaborate with academic researchers to implement and evaluate these strategies with fidelity and quality.
  • Diffuse innovative practices and strategies by exchanging “lessons-learned” with other school districts, communities, local and state policymakers, and researchers.

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Currently, MICCR is embedded in 15 high-need communities in the Commonwealth, serving nearly 150,000 students and more than 10,000 teachers. Equipped with dedicated program staff, the MICCR offers training and support to district-wide initiatives focused on one of five areas critical to college and career readiness: early warning indicator systems, academic remediation, individualized learning plans, workforce readiness, and whole school reform.

MICCR was launched with a three-year grant from the Institute for Education Sciences (Award #R305B140043).


Core Programmatic Elements

  • An annual convening focused on project development, skill building, and outreach.
  • Bi-monthly meetings with dedicated project staff and the principal investigators to monitor progress, navigate the implementation and evaluation process, and provide feedback.
  • Access to a network of experts in key education topics, policy, and communication
  • Quarterly Policy Forums that foster constructive dialogue on education policy and practice
  • A national webinar symposia to facilitate discussion on critical issues related to college and career readiness.



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Fourteen Gateway Cities and one large urban school were selected to participate in MICCR. Each community formed a team of administrators, school personnel, and city leaders to begin a dialogue on school reform particular to students’ college and career success. Each team identified at least one focus area (individualized learning plans, early warning indicator systems, academic remediation, whole school turnaround, and workforce readiness) or a closely related post secodary readiness topic to explore and apply to their schools.


Sixteen accomplished university faculty members were selected as MICCR SeScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.32.06 PMnior Research Fellows. The fellows represent a diverse array of experiences, expertise, and interests that are well-aligned with the needs of the participating districts. Upon acceptance, Senior Research Fellows participated in webinars discussing college and career readiness efforts in Massachusetts with a particular focus on the MICCR districts. Through intensive conversation, the Senior Fellow Researchers reviewed the needs of each community and were matched to a project team accordingly. They are now providing support and guidance for developing effective measures and systems for evaluation.



MICCR Team Projects

Since the 2015 Annual Convening, the MICCR teams have identified pressing issues in their communities, developed plans for evaluation, and begun working on projects to advance post-secondary preparedness and success. The teams are communicating regularly with their researchers and meeting bi-monthly with the MICCR staff to advance their projects.

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For more information please visit sites.bu.edu/miccr or contact: LaVonia Montouté, Program Manager, and Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy at, lmontoute@renniecenter.org.