Fellows Program

Fellows of the Local Public Health Institute of MA are selected for their demonstrated mastery of public health practice concepts, commitment to professional development, and willingness to act as stewards for public health practice in MA. They have shown immense commitment and dedication to their own professional development as well as to the public health of the Commonwealth.

FELLOWS of 2017

  • Rae Dick, BS
    Health Agent
    Westford Health Department
  • Sue Rosa, RN, BSN
    Deputy Director/Manager of Healthcare Services
    Chelmsford Board of Health
  • Sam Wong, PhD, REHS/RS
    Director of Public and Community Health Services
    Hudson Health Department
  • FELLOW of 2016

  • Ruth Mori RN, BSN
    Public Health Nurse/School Nurse Leader
    Wayland Health Department

FELLOWS of 2015

  • Sharon Cameron, MPA, RS
    Director of Health and Human Services,
    City of Peabody
  • Bettye Anderson Frederic, MSN, RN, CHO, CSN
    Deputy Commissioner,
    Springfield Department of Public Health
  • Derek Fullerton, RS/REHS, CHO, CEHT
    Director of Public Health,
    Town of Middleton
  • Sheryl Knutsen, MSN, RN, PHCNS-BC
    Emergency Preparedness Planner, Region 3A-Northeast Public Health Coalition
  • Leila Mercer,┬áMSN, RN
    Public Health Nurse,
    Natick Board of Health

FELLOWS of 2014

  • Heather Gallant, MPH, RS, CHO
    Executive Director
    Taunton Board of Health
  • Larry A. Ramdin, REHS, CHO, CP-FS
    Health Agent,
    Salem Board of Health
  • Paul Halfmann, MPH
    Assistant Director,
    Community Sanitation Program,
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Sigalle Reiss, MPH, RS/REHS
    Norwood Health Department
  • Mary McKenzie, EdM, MS, RN
    Public Health Nurse,
    City of Chelsea Health Department
  • Dawn Sibor, MEd
    Emergency Preparedness Coordinator,
    Brookline Department of Public Health

FELLOWS of 2013

  • Michael Blanchard, MS, REHS/RS
    Health Director,
    Milton Board of Health
  • Cathleen Liberty, BS
    Health Agent,
    Town of Webster
  • John Coulon, RS
    Health Agent,
    Nahant and Topsfield Boards of Health
  • Charlotte Stepanian, BS, MSN, RN-BC
    Public Health Nurse,
    Town of Merrimac
  • Kevin Duquette, RS, CP-FS
    Environmental Compliance Officer/Sanitarian,
    Taunton Board of Health
  • James White, RS/REHS
    Director of Public Health,
    Natick Board of Health
  • Charles J.┬áKaniecki
    District Health Officer,
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Felix Zemel, MCP, MPH, REHS/RS
    Health Administrator/Inspector,
    Cohasset Board of Health

FELLOWS of 2012

  • Philip Leger, RS
    Health Director,
    Town of Templeton
  • Sandra Martin, MPH
    Health Agent,
    Town of Egremont
  • Kitty Mahoney, RN, BSN, MS
    Chief Public Health Nurse,
    Town of Framingham
  • J. David Naparstek, Sc.M.
    Public Health Consultant,
    City of Newton
  • Patrick Maloney, MPAH, RS, CHO
    Assistant Director of Public Health
    Chief of Environmental Health,
    Town of Brookline
  • Kevin Sweet, MS, RS, CHO
    Town Administrator,
    Town of Maynard