Using The Course Schedule

I’m continuing to work on the Course Schedule to try to make it more useful to students. Lecture topics for each date and readings from online ebooks to accompany the lectures are specified.  Several readings from outside sources will be included as well.  Readings are designated as  Reference Readings (ref),  Additional Readings (Adl) or Required Readings (Rq).

Students are responsible of the contents of all lectures, and questions about the material in lectures will appear in problem sets and exams.  Students are also responsible the the contents of Required Readings (Rq) even if the material is not discussed in lecture. I do not expect to assign many Required Readings.

Reference Readings (ref) are intended to help people understand the lectures, and Additional Readings (Adl) are suggested in case students want to learn more.  Students are not responsible for (and will not be tested on) the material in ref or Adl readings unless the material is contained in the lectures, assigned problem sets or required readings. The dates specified for those readings are guidelines, not requirements.

I will included links to the readings that are listed in the course schedule–click on the links to go to the reading material.

The Course Schedule will change frequently so I advise students to check it often.