How to Study

The lecture topic and ebook readings (required or suggested) for each class meeting will be listed in the Course Schedule. The dates for readings on the course schedule are suggestions: students are not required to complete those readings by the dates specified.  Students who miss lectures or postpone completing their reading and problem sets until the days before the exam tend to receive lower grades than other students.  This course is cumulative: if you don’t understand Tuesday’s lecture, you will find it very difficult to understand Thursday’s.

Many students may be tempted to study by memorizing definitions and formulas from the textbook and class notes. This is not only a waste of time, but it ultimately leads to confusion and poor performance on examinations. Your goal should be to understand the concepts and ideas presented in the course, and you should learn to explain them to others (for example, parents, friends, dogs, and lower life-forms like roommates). If you can explain the material we cover, you will do well in the course.

When you study for examinations, focus mainly on the material in the lecture notes, though you will be responsible for the material in the assigned ebook chapters as well (you will not be responsible for material in the suggested ebook chapters).  The second midterm exam is not cumulative, but the final examination is cumulative.  I suggest that you begin studying for exams by reviewing your notes and and the assigned ebook chapters. However, the most effective kind of studying involves active thinking: explaining the material to others (not listening to their explanations) and doing problems. You may want to do the previously assigned problems again, complete the practice exam and explain the concepts from your notes to your classmates and friends.

Additional Problems Online

You may also want to practice with additional problems and multiple-choice questions online.  The Econguru Guide has many links to question websites.

Questions can be found at these sites as well:

Using these sites may help you practice for your EC101 DD/EE exams.