How to Get Help

Course adjustments (adds and drops) must be processed by the Undergraduate Coordinator (see below). The instructor and the TFs hold regular office hours for the purpose of answering economics questions and otherwise helping students with their economics studies.

The Department of Economics has a Principles Center where EC101/102 students can always go to find help during the working day and early evenings. TFs for the introductory courses will hold all of their office hours at the Principles Center. Although TFs are asked to give priority to their own students when present, TFs will help any students who visit the Principles Center, time permitting. Of course, there are some matters for which students will wish to consult with their own TFs.

Unfortunately, enrollments do not permit instructors or TF’s to offer individual students long-term tutoring on a regular basis; however, such long term help may be available from the University’s Educational Resource Center (353-7077).

Many students have personal problems that interfere with their ability to study and learn. If you have such problems, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to get help quickly. The Student Health Service has a Behavioral Medicine Department with extensive counseling resources to help students with their personal problems. Students in need should be sure to take advantage of them.  You can consult expert counselors and psychologists there who have lots of experience with student problems. I would be happy to talk with you and help you find appropriate services, or you can find your own. Students can make appointments with counselors by calling 353-3569.

I cordially invite you to discuss economics or other subjects with me during my office hours or by appointment.