Course Format

In EC101 DD and EE, students attend two 75-minute lectures per week. Lectures are presented by Michael Manove, a senior faculty member, to large groups of students, and discussion sections of about 27 students each are led by Teaching Fellows (TFs). The TFs are advanced graduate students from the Economics Ph.D. program. There is also a Senior TF who is the chief administrator of the course.

Students are required to register both for a lecture, DD or EE, and for a discussion section, D1 to D9 for the DD lecture, or E0 to E9 for the EE lecture, by using online registration procedures. Registration for both a lecture and a discussion section is required, and any student not registered for both classes will be dropped from the course automatically. You cannot register for one discussion section but attend a different one. If you need to change your EC101 lecture or discussion section and cannot do so online, please email the Economics Undergraduate Adviser, Daryl Graves.  Mr. Graves will be happy to try to help you solve your problem.  If necessary you can make an appointment to see Mr. Graves by calling 353-4389.