Problem-Set Assignments

These problem-set assignments are contained in pdf files.  In order to access them on the web, the Adobe Reader, available free of charge, or another pdf reader must be installed in your computer. Many computers come with a pdf reader already installed.

From now on problem-set assignments usually become available by 6:00 pm on Saturday.  This will allow your instructor and the TF team more time to write and edit the problems.  You will be asked to discuss them during the discussion sections of the following week.

Due During the Week of: Link to Assignment
T 11/28/17 PS9 Imperfect Competition and Public Goods
T 11/14/17 PS8 Income/Substitution, Long-Run Competition and Economic Rents
T 10/31/17 PS7 Equity, Trade and Externalities
T 10/24/17 PS6 Government Intervention and Taxes
T 10/17/17 PS5 Surplus, Competition and Efficiency (Q13 & Q16 corrected)
W 10/11/17 PS4 Elasticity and WTP
T 9/26/17 PS3  Production, Supply and Market Equilibrium
T 9/19/17 PS2  Free Markets and Demand
T 9/12/17 PS1  Introduction and What is Economics