Discussion Sections: Times and Rooms, Fall 2017

Attendance in discussion sections is required.  During your discussion sections, you may be graded on your understanding of problem-set assignments.

Note: Discussion sections begin on Tuesday, September 12. If you need to change your discussion section, please email the Economics Undergraduate Adviser, Daryl Graves. Mr. Graves will be happy to try to help you solve your problem. Anyone not registered for both a lecture and a matching discussion section will be automatically dropped from the course.

Sec Day  Time Bld  Room  TF
D1 F 9:05a PSY B41 Yiwen
D2 W 1:25p CAS 323B Tom
D3 W 2:30p COM 215 Yiwen
D4 W 12:20p CAS B06B Yiwen
D5 F 9:05a CAS B06B Guangzhi
D6 W 2:30p CAS 116 Juan
D7 T 3:35p CAS 228 Ran
D8 R 2:00p CGS 423 Fatima
D9 F 1:25p CAS 201 Thea
Sec Day  Time Bld  Room  TF
E0 R 12:30p PSY B41 Ran
E1 F 2:30p CAS 237 Thea
E2 W 3:35p CAS 223 Tom
E3 T 11:15a CAS 223 Thea
E4 W 11:15a EPC 201 Enrico
E5 W 12:20p PSY B37 Enrico
E6 R 11:15a CAS 223 Fatima
E7 R 9:30a CAS B27 Fatima
E8 F 10:10a CAS 222 Guangzhi