Grades Have Been Submitted. All Scores Are Available on BB My Grades.

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December 21st, 2017

Please read this announcement carefully and check the data on BlackBoard MyGrades before you send out emails.  If it is at all possible please avoid sending me or the TFs emails until after January 3, 1918.  I do not plan to be in my BU Office until that date.  All emails to me or to the TFs should contain “EC101” on the subject line.

Your EC101 course grade has been submitted. Your final exam scores, and all other course data (except clicker scores) are posted on BlackBoard MyGrades. I will send you an email if your clicker score was unsatisfactory.  Because the Tuesday final exams were more difficult than usual, the score was adjusted upwards by 1.67 percentage points, the equivalent of one more correct answer.

Your course grade was computed mechanically.  No subjective judgment was used, except possibly by the TFs in formulating your 5 point participation score.  If I reduced your letter grade because of poor attendance (insufficient clicker response), you would have already received an email from me.

Course averages are very close together, and there is no gap that forms a good place to separate letter grades.  Here is a sample of actual course averages in decreasing order that covers the boarder between B+ and A-.
90.9, 90.8, 90.8, 90.8, 90.7, 90.7, 90.6, 90.4, 90.4, 90.2, 90.2, 90.1, 90.1, 90.1, 90.0, 90.0, 89.9, 89.7, 89.5, 89.3, 89.3, 89.2, 89.1, 89.1, 89.1, 89.0
As you can see, I have no choice but to use a strict rule: I round the average to one decimal place, and those at or above the limiting average receive the higher letter grade, those below receive the lower letter grade.  Also, I think it’s important that grades be a reasonably accurate reflection of a student’s accomplishments in the regular coursework, so I don’t grade  on the basis of need, and I don’t allow student to get points for extra work.

After the new year, I will post all 8 versions of the Final Exam and the correct answers on the course website under Classes>Exams.

I cannot investigate the entire record of every disappointed student during the intersession.  But any computational error brought to my attention will be corrected, and any incorrect course grade will be changed by early in the spring semester. If you believe your TF committed an error in formulating your discussion-section score, please write to your TF (not to me).

Please check your record on My Grades carefully and use the grading formula under Course Info>Examinations and Grades before you write to me about possible errors in grading.  Exams and Grades includes an exact description of how letter-grades are determined. Keep in mind that unless there is an error, I will not change your grade under any circumstances.

Believe it or not, there are more important things in your life than your grade.  So have a great holiday break and a good rest. –Michael