Midterm 2 Exam: Questions, Answers and Your Scores are Now Available

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November 8th, 2017

All four versions of this exam, and the answers to the exam are available on the course website under Classes > Exams.  The practice exam, with answers on the last page, is also available there.  Your TF will return the question booklets to DD students and review exam questions during your discussion sections, Nov 8 to 10.  If you have questions about the economics, attend  your TF’s office hours, your instructor’s office hours, or email your own TF, not the course instructor.

To see how your midterm exam will affect your course grade, go to Course Information > Exams and Grades.

Individual Scores on Midterm 2 (Version, Number Correct, Adjusted Percentage Score) are now available on Blackboard under My Grades.  The TFs and I considered this exam to be more difficult than normal, and for reason I adjusted everyone’s score upwards by 2.5 percentage points (the equivalent of one additional correct question). However, I was surprised to see that the average performance on this exam before the adjustment was almost identical to the average on Midterm 1.

If your performance turns has been poor because you haven’t understood much of the material, you may want to drop the course this semester, and take it again in a future semester or in the summer.  This coming Friday, November 10, is the last day you can drop the course with a ‘W’ placed on your transcript.  I understand that you can drop the course using student link, though I would be happy to discuss this with you during my office hours this Friday, 10-12.