Midterm 2 Practice Exam and Answers are Now Available

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October 30th, 2017

The Midterm 2 Practice Exam is now available.  The real Midterm 2 exam that you will take in lecture on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, is very similar to the practice exam, and the instructions are the same.  BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS NOW!

I suggest that you print out the practice-exam question booklet, allow yourself 1 hour, and take the exam.  The correct answers are posted separately.  For the practice exam, circle your answers in the booklet that you printed.  After you have taken the practice exam, compare your answers with the posted answers (available at the end of this week).  If your own answer is different from the posted answer, think about why the posted answer may be better than your own answer, discuss the question with other students, and if necessary consult with TFs in the Principles Center , which is open between 10 am and 6 pm every weekday.  Of course, it is always possible that a posted answer is incorrect :-(  .

I have asked the TFs to review Problem Set 7 in  this week’s discussion sections and not to spend time reviewing the practice exam.  However, a few of the TFs may decide to discuss a small number of practice-exam questions that the class found to be especially difficult or confusing.

The lectures this week (on Tuesday, 10/31, and Thursday, 11/2) will cover Income/Substitution Effects, Producer Cost, Profit Maximization and Long-Run Competition, so you may want to postpone answering practice-exam questions on those topics (marked with *) until after I have given the corresponding lectures.

The practice exam and Midterm 2 are intended to cover Lectures 9 to 16 as listed on the Course ScheduleTo view and print the practice exam questions go to the Exams page.  Go to the Scantron Example to see how to enter your answers during real midterm.