Study recruitment

Children volunteers needed for study on physical activity, movement patterns, and hip MRI

We are looking for children to participate in a research study that involves assessment of MRI of the hip, movement patterns, and strength and performance.

Your child may qualify for the study if they are between the age of 9-16 years (for girls) and 10-17 years (for boys) and compete in hockey or soccer or swimming.

If eligible, you may be asked to visit BU for a hip MRI (1.5 hours) and a motion analysis+ strength and performance test (2.5 hours). A report will be provided from MRI. A report may be provided from the motion analysis, strength, and performance testing if desired. These reports are not for medical use.

All participants will be paid $25 for the MRI and $50 for the motion analysis and strength test. Parking costs will also be covered.

If you think you may be qualified, please contact us at 617‐358‐3125 or by email at