We are looking for people to participate in a clinical trial to study the effects of walking interventions for people with knee pain. The goal is to promote healthier walking patterns.

You may qualify for the study if you are:
  • Between the age of 50 and 80 years
  • Own a smartphone
  • Currently have knee pain or have been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis.

If you meet the initial study criteria, you will be asked to visit BU for knee x-rays. Once we review your x-rays and you are eligible, you will be randomly assigned to one of two intervention groups. Both groups will meet 11 times over 6-months at a community location. One of the intervention groups will attend classes on a mindful walking technique , knee osteoarthritis, and the importance of exercise and weight management . The other intervention group will attend classes on knee osteoarthritis and the importance of changes in lifestyle, exercise, and weight reduction as recommended by leading public health agencies.

All participants will undergo motion capture during walking and MRI before and after the intervention. All participants will be paid for their time for visits to BU (not for attending the classes). Some reimbursement for travel/parking costs is also available.

If you think you may be qualified, please contact us at 617-358-3125 or bu.iwalqq@gmail.com and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.