A different kind of collaboration!

We requested faculty and students from the College of Fine Arts to help create a unique work of art for our lab using items leftover from the lab constructions. The art piece titled “Life Force” was installed recently. Prof. Lydia Musco and her students from Sculpture 2 class created this amazing piece!

In the words of the students –

Life Force is a collaborative art installation created for the Movement & Applied Imaging Lab at Sargent College by the College of Fine Arts Sculpture II class led by Lydia Musco and assisted by Kayla Arias. Composed of two large wall panels, the project is a reflection of the lab’s scientific purpose: to encourage the repair of one’s “life-force” through the testing of joint agility. The piece was created by utilizing pieces of the hardware used to install force measurement instruments in the floor of the lab and incorporated conceptual ideas surrounding movement in the overall composition. Through weeks of collaboration, the students in the Sculpture class created an installation mirroring movement for the viewing of all who work in the Lab. This collaboration between Sargent College and the College of Fine Arts has been an incredible opportunity to merge the “East” and “West” sides of BU through the appreciation of art and community.”

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