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in press

Lewton KL. Pelvic form and locomotor adaptation in strepsirrhine primates. Anatomical Record.

Morgan ME, Lewton KL, Kelley J , Otárola-Castillo E, Barry JC, Flynn LJ, Pilbeam DR. A partial hominoid innominate from the Miocene of Pakistan: description and preliminary analyses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

in review

Warrener AG, Lewton KL, Pontzer H, Lieberman DE. A wider pelvis does not increase locomotor cost in humans, with implications for the evolution of childbirth.

Lewton KL. In vitro strain distributions in a sample of primate pelves.

Lewton KL. Allometric scaling and locomotor function in the primate pelvis.


Lewton KL. 2012. Complexity in Biological Anthropology in 2011: Species, Reproduction, and Sociality. American Anthropologist 114(2):196-202. pdf

Lewton KL. 2012. Evolvability of the primate pelvic girdle. Evolutionary Biology 39(1):126-139. pdf


Lewton KL.2010. Locomotor function and the evolution of the primate pelvis. Arizona State University, Ph.D. Thesis. pdf

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