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Mugar is Ready for You… and so is Krasker!

September 1st, 2014 in 16mm, Krasker News, Media Technology 0 comments

Check out this awesome welcome back video produced by Mugar’s very own student film crew. Recognize the film reels and projector? Yup, that’s Krasker!


Vintage Viewing: 16mm Projector

January 31st, 2013 in 16mm, Krasker News, Media Technology 2 comments

Here's a look at the EIKI 16mm projector we just set up --it replaces one that is in need of repair. The large square in front of it is our viewing box, a sort of mini movie screen. When a film is running, the picture appears on the outward facing side.


Motion Pictures: Krasker on the Move

September 29th, 2011 in 16mm, Krasker News, Media Technology 0 comments

When Krasker moved to Mugar Library we took THOUSANDS of 16mm films with us! For many years Krasker ran a rental service, supplying schools across the United States with educational films. While many of the reels have grown brittle and red-tinted with age, current BU students, staff and faculty  can view most of our 16mm collection at our facility. (Note: 16mm titles are for research purposes only and are not available for classroom delivery.)

An artistic snap of our 16mm films, shortly after arriving at Mugar.