Abraham Krasker: Our Namesake

Many people ask us, “Why are you called Krasker Film/Video Services?” Well, my curious kinophiles, we get our name from former Boston University professor Abraham Krasker (1898-1962), a major innovator in the field of Audio-Visual Education and founder of the School of Education’s Educational Media and Technology Program.

Abraham Krasker, 1957 .
Portrait by Henry Cooper.

Abe Krasker was an early-adopter of film media in classroom instruction and his 1941 dissertation on the subject is available online and free to the public via Mugar Memorial Library:

A Critical Analysis of the Use of Educational Motion Pictures by Two Methods.

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  • I met abe krasker in 1931, when my father Julius wanted me to go to camp. He suggested I meet the director.So mr krasker came to the house and after the pictures he showed me i as roaring to go. i attended 1931-1938. the first summer cost$250 and i was impressed. Indian Acres brought out alot in me. It tought me to be myself-forever since.

    • Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories with us Sam! It is always nice to hear stories about our dear benefactor, Abe.

      Mary Bowen
      Krasker Film/Video Services

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