New to Krasker: A Place at the Table

By in Krasker News
November 27th, 2013

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving –a day of celebration, family and, perhaps above all for many of us, FOOD! But it is also a time of year that people reach out to help those Americans in financial need who would otherwise be left out of the holiday repast. So today we are taking a moment to call your attention to an important recent acquisition to the Krasker Collection: the 2012 documentary A Place at the Table. Featuring actor Jeff Bridges, A Place at the Table takes a sobering look at poverty in the United States and the lack of access lower-income individuals have to nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods.


A Place at the Table may be booked by current Boston University faculty for screening in Boston University courses. BU students interested in screening A Place at the Table in-house at the Krasker facility should call us as 617-353-8112.

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