Vintage Viewing: 16mm Projector

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January 31st, 2013

Here’s a look at the EIKI 16mm projector we just set up –it replaces one that is in need of repair. The large square in front of it is our viewing box, a sort of mini movie screen. When a film is running, the picture appears on the outward facing side.

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  • Hi, I would very much appreciate any info in regards to the “Viewing Box”. I have been searching for one and yours is the only picture of one I have found on the web so far. Is there a manufacturer’s name on the it?

    Thank you,
    Jeff Arnett

    • Hi Jeff,

      So sorry we are just now seeing this! We looked all over the viewing box (even turned it upside down) and we could not find any manufacturer’s name listed. Our viewing box was here when my co-worker Walter started working at Krasker and he’s been here for almost 30 years. Any record of it’s origins is long gone. One could build a viewing box on their own. Now that we know there are so few images of them out there I’ll try to get some better quality pictures taken and posted on the blog in the coming weeks.

      Mary – Krasker Film/Video Services

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