Post-doctoral associates:

  • Jonathan Wu (PhD candidate, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar):
    Deep learning for gesture-based user authentication


  • Jiawei Chen (PhD candidate, co-advisor: Prof Ishwar):
    Incognito analysis of human activity
  • Amanda Gaudreau (PhD candidate, co-advisor: Prof. Goldstein):
    Image registration and classification for evaluating the neuropathology of traumatic brain injury
  • Ozan Tezcan (PhD candidate):
    Indoor clutter analysis from images
  • Jinyuan Zhao (PhD candidate, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar):
    Light transport analysis for indoor activity localization and recognition

Undergraduate researchers:

  • Joseph Liba (UROP Award recipient, advisor: Konrad): Rendering of cluttered-room images for compulsive hoarding assessment
  • Douglas Roeper (UROP Award recipient, advisor: Konrad/Ishwar): Indoor user localization using a network of single-pixel cameras

Past post-doctoral associates:


  • Jonathan Wu (PhD candidate, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar):
    BodyLogin: Next-generation user authentication using gestures
  • Berkin Cilingiroglu (PhD, Elect. Eng, 2014, co-advisors: Profs. Unlu and Karl) –  DCG Systems, Inc., Fremont, CA
  • Kai Guo (PhD, Elect. Eng., 2011, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar) – Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
  • Serdar Ince (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2007) – IntelliVid Corp., Cambridge, MA, now Product Manager at Sensormatic Turkey
  • Nikola Bozinovic (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2006) – MotionDSP Inc., San Mateo, CA
  • Mirko Ristivojevic (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2006) – IntelliVid Corp., Cambridge, MA, now Tyco International, Burlington, MA
  • Sophie Laurent (PhD, Electr. Eng., 2005, co-advisors: Prof. Mendillo and Prof. Karl) – ADIT, France
  • Alexander Tooke (MS, Electr. Eng., 2015) – Mitre Corp.
  • Ji Dai (MS, Elect. Eng., 2015, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar)- PhD candidate at Univ. of California, San Diego
  • Zhiji Liu (MS, Elect. Eng., 2015)
  • Liang Li (MS, Electr. Eng., 2013) – Goji (Consumers United Inc.), Boston, MA
  • Meng Wang (MS, Electr. Eng., 2012, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar) – Google Inc., Mountain View, CA
  • Daniel Cullen (MS, Electr. Eng., 2012, co-advisor: Prof. Little)
  • Fei He (MS, Electr. Eng., 2012, co-advisor: Dr. Versace)
  • Feitong Yi (MS Electr. Eng., 2012)
  • Yuechang Shao (MS, Electr. Eng., 2011) – Bloomberg LP, New York, NY
  • Geoffrey Brown (MS Electr. Eng., 2011) – Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
  • Huseyin Ozkan (MS Electr. Eng., 2011, co-advisor: Prof. Saligrama)
  • Yifan Yu (MS, Electr. Eng., 2010, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar)
  • Elena Loya Choi Zorn (MS, Electr. Eng., 2010, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar) – Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
  • Huan-Yu Wu (MS, E;ectr. Eng, 2010, co-advisor:  Prof. Ishwar) – Boston University, Intern
  • Cristina Esteve (MS, Electr. Eng. 2009, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar) – Aervox S.L., Madrid, Spain
  • Wei Liu (MS, Electr. Eng., 2009, co-advisor:  Prof. Ishwar)
  • Zhuang Li (MS, Electr. Eng., 2009, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar) – Migma Systems, Inc., Walpole, MA
  • Elizabeth Begin (MS, Elect. Eng., 2008) – Raytheon Corp., Waltham, MA, now at Volcano Corp., Billerica, MA
  • James M. McHugh (MS, Elect. Eng., 2008) – Mitre Corp., Bedford, MA
  • Lung-Chang Hsieh (MS, Electr. Eng., 2007) – C & S Dayspring Inc. Taiwan
  • Ashish Jain (MS, Electr. Eng., 2006) – Motorola Inc., Schaumburg, IL
  • Todd Fercho (MS, Electr. Eng., 2006) – Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
  • Chun-Wei Chan (MS, Electr. Eng., 2005)
  • Si-Ming Liu (MS, Electr. Eng, 2005)
  • Wei Zhao (MS, Electr. Eng., 2004) – New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
  • Philippe Agniel (MS, Electr. Eng.,2004) – Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, Cergy-Pontoise, France
  • Peter McNerney (MS, Electr. Eng., 2003) – Insomniac Games Inc., Burbank CA, then Dreamworks Animation SKG, Glendale, CA, now at Google Inc., Mountain View, CA
  • Kam Lai (BS, Electr. Eng., 2012, Honors Senior Thesis student): Graduate program at Columbia University, New York, NY

Past UROP award recipients under my supervision:

  • Douglas Roeper (Comp. Eng., spring 2016): Indoor user localization using a network of single-pixel cameras
  • Douglas Roeper (Comp. Eng., fall 2015): Kinect User Interface (KUI) for information displays
  • Jonathan Kim (Elect. Eng., summer 2014): Hand-gesture recognition from ambient EM fields
  • James Christianson (Comp. Eng., summer 2014, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar): Hand-gesture recognition from Kinect
  • Lucas Sorenson (Comp. Eng., summer 2013, co-advisor: Prof. Ishwar): Body-gesture recognition from Kinect


  • Jose Luis Herrera Conejero,  Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain (Jun.-Aug., 2014)
  • Baptiste Santarelli, University of Nice at Sophia Antipolis, France (Jun.-Nov. 2013)