Author: Jeffrey Geddes

TEMPO Science Team Meeting 2020

This week, the TEMPO Science Team hosts their annual meeting, which is being held virtually this year. Jeff is presenting an update on the Boston-area Pandora measurements. You can view the virtual poster here.

New NOAA Grant Awarded

Jeff is a co-investigator on a recently selected NOAA proposal (“CO2-Air Quality Urban Synthesis and Analysis Project: Trends & Drivers of Urban Emissions from Past, Present, to Future”). This project, involving collaborators from the University of Utah and Harvard University, will explore how climate change may impact the co-emission of greenhouse gases and air pollutants […]

TOLNet/Pandora Science Team Workshop

This week, Jeff will be participating in the TOLNet/Pandora Science Team Workshop, hosted virtually over June 2-4, 2020. In his presentation, Jeff will provide an update on local Pandora measurements made by the group, providing unique and novel insight into urban-scale variability in air quality remote sensing.

WBUR Interview

Jeff was interviewed by Barbara Moran, WBUR Senior Producing Editor for the Environment. They discussed local air quality during the Coronavirus shutdown, and what that might mean in the long term. Read the full story here.

New NASA Grant Awarded

Jeff is co-investigator on a recently selected NASA proposal which will provide three years of funding to study satellite remote sensing indicators of ground-level ozone production. The project will be led by principal investigator Sajeev Philip (Universities Space Research Association (USRA) at NASA Ames Research Center), and involve collaborators from several other institutions across the country. […]

American Meteorological Society Meeting

This week, graduate student Taylor Adams is presenting a poster at the 100th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society. He will be discussing early results from our urban network of ground-based remote sensing instruments to detect intra-urban variability in tropospheric trace gas columns. You can read his abstract here.

AGU Meeting 2019

This week, members of the Geddes group will be in San Francisco for the 2019 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Anthony is presenting a poster called “Potential of Constraining Ozone Dry Deposition Using Eddy Flux Measurements” on Tuesday (see the conference abstract here). Jeff is co-convening sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday on Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions […]

New paper published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Modeling the deposition of ground-level ozone to vegetation surfaces continues to be a painpoint in global models of atmospheric chemistry. We compared a variety of approaches, and discuss implications on interannual variability and long term trends. Read about this and more in Anthony’s article that was just published in Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics. 

Welcome to Arden

Welcome to Arden Radford, who is joining the Geddes group as a Ph.D. student this fall. Arden earned a BA in Economics, and Astronomy, from Wellesley College, and is a recent alum of our MA in Remote Sensing & Geospatial Sciences at BU. In addition to research with the Geddes group, Arden is a participating […]