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HutyraLucy R. Hutyra is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University.  She received her PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences in 2007 from Harvard University for her thesis “Carbon and Water Exchange in Amazonian Rain Forests.” In 1998 she received BS in Forest Ecology and Management from the University of Washington.  Professor Hutyra’s current research centers on improving our understanding of the urban carbon cycle, particularly the role of vegetation and land use change on the flows of carbon between the biosphere and the atmosphere.  Hutyra has authored dozens of papers on the terrestrial carbon cycle. Link to hutyra_CV_July_2017_sm.

A few fun photos:

Julia & Drew have found us a new field truck!


After a fun (read exhausting) week installing instrumentation at the NIST field site, a nice visit to the Dog Fish Brewery. (Top: Diana, Andy, David, Barry, Julia; Bottom: Drew, Lauren, Taylor, & Lucy)



2016 Lab Group GatheringHutyra_Lab

2017 Lab group


gatelyafshinXiaojing Tang (photo soon)

  julia      decinaSarah Garvey (photo soon)

drewianLuca Morreale (photo soon)

Lauren Cabrera



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