Thank You Letter from the Director

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As Director of the Boston University Center for the Humanities, I am grateful to everyone who participated in our first forum, Recording Lives: Libraries and Archives in the Digital Age.

You can now visit the Detailed Panel Schedule page to hear recordings of many panelists and moderators and to see quotations from the panels that give a sense of the discussions. In addition, the Overview page summarizes some key issues that emerged and links back to some of the presentations. I hope that this website provides food for thought and inspires continuing conversations about important considerations, such as maximizing access, bringing hidden histories to light, and fostering collaboration. In addition, we have posted some photographs from the sessions.

Please visit our account of recent follow-up events:  BU Archives Round Table, Tuesday, February 6, and a screening of Frederick Wiseman’s film Ex Libris on Wednesday, February 7.  Stay tuned for further events!


Susan L. Mizruchi
William Arrowsmith Professor in the Humanities