Tutorial Materials

Introduction to GENI tutorial: My-First-GENI-Exp-0, My-First-GENI-Exp-1, Worksheet. [lab0-slides] [lab1-slides]

CloudLab tutorial: create your own cloud. [slides]

OpenFlow I tutorial: traffic redirection using OpenFlow and Floodlight. [slides]

PhantomNet tutorial: create your own 4G network. Use the “Login with GENI” option to log in to PhantomNet (phantomnet.org -> Click “login” on top right. Username: GENIPN, Password: GENIPN).

Orbit tutorial: running a wireless experiment and a connectivity mapper application. [slides]

GENI Wireless tutorial: using the WITest testbed. [slides]

OpenFlow II tutorial: working with fast-failover OpenFlow groups. [slides]

Desktop tutorial: traffic generation and experiment monitoring. [slides]

NFV tutorial: balance load across Snort instances. [slides]

Adopt-A-GENI tutorial: set up an SDN experiment. [slides]