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The Gastronomy Student Association strives to build a thriving student community at Boston University’s Gastronomy program.  Under the direction of the all-student board, the GSA hosts events and fosters community spirit for students of the Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy and Food Studies Certificate programs.  We welcome all gastronauts and gastrognomes to join the board and participate in our programming. Below, you’ll find our schedule of upcoming events and board member bios.

Questions? Contact GSA President Ariana Gunderson

Ariana Gunderson, GSA President
Ariana is eager to eat with you and hear your food memories.  She hosts the Nostalgia Dinner Series and is writing her thesis on food as a response to trauma in a Syrian refugee camp. Get a taste of her work at

Payal Parikh, GSA VP

Payal, or Pie, as she tends to go by, loves to explore the US food scenes focusing on travel and regional specialties. She is always on the lookout for spicy foods and unique beers and cocktails. Currently, she is getting her Culinary Arts certificate while pursuing her MLA in Gastronomy.

Jennifer Nadeau, GSA Curiosities Curator
Jennifer is constantly on the hunt for unique, outlandish, and unfamiliar foods. If you’ve got the snacks or are trying to find something specific, she wants to hear from you! She’s currently interested in the evolution of edible cannabis, southern foodways, and touring musician foodways.  You can check out some of her adventures at

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