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Course Spotlight: Anthropology of Food

Dr. Karen Metheny, Senior Lecturer in Gastronomy, will teach Anthropology of Food (ML 641 C1) on Wednesdays during the Fall 2018 semester, and has prepared this course spotlight. Been to Haymarket recently? It is Boston’s oldest food market and provides a wonderfully rich food experience. But Haymarket also lets us explore other topics. Why are […]

Food Mapping in the SOWA Market

Students in Dr. Karen Metheny’s Summer Term course, Anthropology of Food (MET ML 641) are contributing guest posts this month. Today’s post is from Becca Berland. Food mapping is not something that your typical graduate student does on a daily basis. I’ll admit that I have never even heard of the concept before taking Dr. […]

Commensality at the Lunch Table

We continue with our series from our summer class, Anthropology of Food (MET ML 641), with this post from Meghan Russel.  If you read popular newspapers or magazines, you may have seen that the American lunch hour is being threatened. More and more Americans are working through their lunch hour, skipping it altogether, or eating […]

Food Mapping: Revealing the Unseen

Written by Sarit Sadras Rubenstein for Anthropology of Food “Food mapping is an image-based approach to research that pays attention to the way people relate to food in the interaction of senses, emotions, and environments” (Marte 2007). Food mapping is an interesting assignment students take during “Anthropology of Food” class. Food Mapping is a tool, […]