New students for fall, part 3

We look forward to welcoming new students in the MLA in Gastronomy and Food Studies Graduate Certificate programs this fall. Get to know a few of  them here.

Tanya Bouldin is Virginia native who has been in Boston for 4.5 years.  In her 20’s she worked in the bar and restaurant business but moved into technology when the .com boom was happening.  She had a very successful 18-year career in technology which led her to Boston via a job transfer.

Over the past 20 years Tanya’s love of cooking, food and travel have blossomed.  She writes: “I have had many opportunities to experience the culture of food and people by living in numerous states (GA, LA, FL, MO, &CA) and traveling to the EU and Central America.  My passion for food isn’t limited to a particular region or arena.  I have a natural curiosity for all types of cuisine and am always in search of a perfect bite.  I even went so far as to go to Noma in Copenhagen just to have dinner before they closed the flagship location…what an amazing experience.  As much as I enjoy dining out and finding great spots, I feel the most pleasure in cooking with/for friends and family.  I truly feel that we can make deep connections rooted in food and the cultures that surround it.   In August of 2017 I completed my BS in Information Technology and Project Management but didn’t feel the level of engagement that I once had in that industry.  After much introspection, I made the decision to leave that career and ‘jump’ back into the culinary world. It feels like a natural progression to the next phase of my life.  My immediate goal is to learn traditional techniques and explore the various aspects of culinary and it’s ever growing importance in our global world.  Entering the MLA Gastronomy program is going to be an exciting challenge and I can’t wait to begin!”

James Lysons hails from the PacificNorthwest but has worked as a chef in all corners of the country. James grew up in a family where food was a focal point. He has fond memories of standing on a step stool learning the art of cooking an omelet from his mother (who is also an accomplish cook). James began working in kitchens at the age of 16, starting after school as a dishwasher and eventually making his way to prep cook, cook and so on. He received his Bachelors from New England Culinary Institute and has been fortunate enough to work at some great restaurants like Gramercy Tavern in New York, Trio in Chicago and Auberge du Soleil in Napa.

With the changing climate in the food world, James has been inspired to take his experience and knowledge from the kitchen and dedicate himself to educating fellow chefs about the importance of sustainable cooking. James believes that through education, lobbying, and inspiration, the trend of wild ingredients disappearing can be reversed. James is excited to take part in the gastronomy program and believes it will elevate his abilities to advocate for preservation and restoration of the world’s amazing ingredients.

Wiley McCarthy grew up in New Orleans and Georgia before migrating to Massachusetts for high school, college, marriage, and raising children.  After graduating from Harvard in 1983 with a degree in History with Economics, she worked as a textbook editor at Houghton Mifflin, then turned to freelance work with the birth of her first child.  After a long absence from work and school but with a long history of baking and food interests, she began volunteering for organizations targeting food as medicine, food rescue, and charitable food distribution.  With additional interests in food policy, nutrition, and eating disorders (not to mention just plain eating), the Gastronomy program seemed a natural path to pursuing some of those interests on a professional level.


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