Back-to-School Season, part 3

It is back to school season!  Classes in Boston University’s Gastronomy program begin on September 2, 2015.

Here is your next batch of introductions to some of the new students joining the Gastronomy Program for the Fall 2015 Semester.

John KramerJohn Kramer, a Texas native, became interested in the study of anthropology during a year spent living in Arusha, Tanzania. His exposure to such a drastically different culture, and the increasingly visible effects of globalization acting upon it, led him to obtain a degree in Anthropology at the University of Houston. In addition to the academic aspects of culture, John also enjoys the more practical applications to be found in the study of food. To this end, he has worked as the Sous Chef for several years in the kitchen of Camp Waldemar, a summer camp in the Texas Hill Country. Combining his interest in the study of culture with his passion for food led him to Boston University’s Gastronomy program, where he intends to pursue both the policy and culture concentrations so that he may deepen his understanding and appreciation of culinary anthropology.

Kayla Koehn is a born Kayla Koehnand raised native Texan and sweet-a-holic, who found her passion for food while watching her grandma bake and cook the old fashion way. Following her dream she found herself at Johnson & Wales University where, after 4 years, an internship at Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie, in Yssingeaux, France she received both her AS and BS in Baking and Pastry. After graduating she moved back to her home state and started working as a culinary instructor for the Art Institute, and well as a pastry chef at La Cantera Hill Country Resort. She found that the best part of her day was seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they ate their sweet treats and decided she wanted to see that more often. This led to her decision to continue her education, finding the BU Gastronomy program’s focus on food policy to be the perfect fit. She hopes that one day she will be able to work with different nations around the world to help with their food supply, food sustainability, and see the smiles on the faces of people who no longer need to worry about where their next meal will come from. She is excited to start this journey and see where this program could take her.

Marina StarkeyMarina Starkey first became interested in food studies when she accidentally left the Food Network on too long and watched Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” when she was only ten. Smitten with Brown and his vast culinary knowledge, she decided to begin experimenting with food and all its possibilities (much to her parents’ dismay). Eleven years later, Marina has a BA in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College where she also worked as a contributing writer for the online culinary magazine Simmer. She also developed her own food blog titled “Marinated” where her food experiments continue to find their outlet to the world. While enrolled in BU’s Gastronomy program, she hopes to build her culinary knowledge and skills so one day she can have her own cooking show and give Alton Brown a run for his money.

Lauren Weinberg grew up in Kansas CityLaurenWeinberg, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies and History from Indiana University. While at IU, her penchant for food and farming developed during weekly trips to the Farmers Market. Conversations shared across produce stands created meaningful connections with local growers and community members who valued good food, celebrating the abundance of each new season, and learning from one another.

After college, Lauren’s interests led her to rural Connecticut and the Adamah Jewish Farming Fellowship, where she cultivated her knowledge of organic agriculture, maple sugaring, and lacto-fermentation. Lauren moved to Boston in 2011 to join the Waltham Fields Community Farm crew as an Assistant Grower.  Beyond the fields, Lauren expanded her focus from the farm to the factory when she began working at Taza Chocolate in Somerville, MA. Starting as a Chocolate Maker, she grew into the role of Assistant Production Manager.  As well, Lauren has continued to keep her hands in the dirt outside of work, gardening for 4 seasons at Codman Community Farm in Lincoln, MA.

Lauren comes to the Gastronomy Program with a desire to focus her education on food systems, culture and policy.

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