December Events

Happy Holidays

Wrap up the semester with these awesome events and lectures!


The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center presents the “Friends Speaker Series” with award winning chef and author Jacques Pepin. Join Jacques in a lecture, reception, and book signing. This event is free to students with a BU ID.

6 pm, Metcalf Ballroom GSU, 775 Commonwealth Ave


Gastronomy student Michelle Hastings presents her lecture, “Sugar! Sweetening History for High-School Students.”

12-1pm, BU Gabel Museum of Archaeology, Room 253, Stone Science Building, 675 Commonwealth Avenue


Taza Chocolate hosts Liddabit Sweets Candy Sampling & Cookbook Signing. Read here for more information.

1-4pm, 561 Windsor Street, Somerville


As part of the Pèpin Lecture Series in Food Studies and Gastronomy, Karen Metheny, lecturer in Gastronomy and research fellow in BU’s Archaeology department will present Sitting down to Table: Visualizing the daily Meal in a Pennsylvania Coal Company Town.

She will discuss the ways that material culture may be combined with oral and historical sources to interpret the content, context, and significance of the daily meal. Using archaeological evidence of food consumption from her study of a 19th- and 20th-century coal company town, Metheny will look at the significance of food sharing and commensality in the context of household stability and community formation.

Please register here.

6 pm, 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 117, Boston


Books   The BU Gastronomy community is invited to join Rachel Black in Sarah Morrow’s thesis defense. Abstract by Sarah Morrow:

This thesis examines ritual drinking practices on the nationalistic holidays St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and American Independence Day. The objective of this study was to discover who celebrates these holidays, how they celebrate, and why they celebrate. It also sought to understand how alcohol is used as a tool and how extreme drinking is encouraged by participants as a mode of community formation. Employing anthropological methods, I conducted participant observations on all three holidays in Boston, Massachusetts. Through these observations, it became clear that young adults celebrated these nationalistic holidays through ritualistic practices that included stylized modes of dress, the collection and use of material artifacts, the liminal experience of secular pilgrimage, and ritualized actions that facilitated processes of assimilation and acculturation.

4:45-5:45 pm, 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 109

— AND —

HolidayPotluck      The Gastronomy students, faculty, and alumni are welcome to the Gastronomy Holiday Potluck and Party! Bring a potluck dish. Tell us what you’ll be bringing on the event Facebook page or email Celebrate the end of the semester, enjoy some delicious food and drink, and try your luck at winning some fabulous foodie door prizes!

6-9 pm, 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 109

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