Food News Round Up: How to Procrastinate Like a Food Studies Student

by Emily Contois

If you’re like me, you’re currently working (and perhaps panicking a little) to craft compelling theses for your final term papers. This time in the semester tends to also coincide with more time than usual spent on Facebook and Twitter, as we procrastinate and somehow buy into the admittedly insane premise that the inspiration to complete our work can be found in our friends’ status updates. Well, work-life balance is indeed a never-ending quest; so feel free to click through this edition of Food News Round Up instead of writing your papers — and it just might jog something brilliant in your brain.

Government Food News to Consider

  • FDA responds to 1.1 million in support of GM labeling with: no response
  • Food fraud report commissioned by Homeland Security reveals most adulterated foods, including olive oil, milk, and honey

Foods Film and Art to View

  • Film, The Harvest, reveals nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25% of our crops
  • Southern Foodways Alliance film, Pride & Joy, to launch September 2012
  • Artist Klaus Pichler showcases rotting food in still life series, offers food waste critique

International Food Issues to Discuss

Food History to Enjoy

Tricky Food Questions to Ponder

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