October 2017: Congratulations to Shiyi Jiang, for presenting her research at the UROP Symposium held on October 13th.

Shiyi UROP 2017_1 Shiyi UROP 2017_2


May 2017: The lab would like to welcome post-doctoral fellow Beatriz Cortez, joining us for a one-year fellowship from Brazil!

April 2017: Congratulations to Ryan Quinton,  the recipient of the Canadian Foreign Doctoral Study Award, awarded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research!

August 2016: The lab would like to welcome post-doctoral fellow Kristyna Kotynkova, joining us from The Francis Crick Institute from London!

July 2016: The lab would like to welcome MD/PhD student Marc Vittoria!

May 2016: The lab would like to welcome undergraduate volunteer student Shiyi Jiang!

May 2016: Congrats Tenny for graduating from BU! We are sad to see you leave the lab, but wishing you all the best across the street at Dana Farber!

May 2016: To make it official, Elizabeth Shenk has graduated and received her diploma this month. We’re looking forward to having you in lab for a bit more as you pursue your post-doctoral studies, Dr. Shenk!

April 2016: Big congratulations to our new PhD, Elizabeth Shenk! You’ve come a long way and have done a spectacular job on this journey. Wishing all the best in your future endeavors, Dr. Liz!

December 2015: Sanghee Lim has been selected to receive a 2016 American Skin Association Grant (Medical Student Grants Targeting Melanoma & Skin Cancer Research). Congrats, Sanghee!

October 2015: Congratulations to Amanda for her engagement to longtime boyfriend, Mark! Warm wishes for a lifetime of joy & togetherness!

September 2015: Q & A with Neil Ganem for the Melanoma Research Alliance.

August 2015: The lab would like to welcome MD/PhD student Ryan Quinton and MA student Jasmine Vakhshoorzadeh!

August 2015: Dr. Ganem’s close collaborator awarded an NIH Grant to study Mechanisms of Genome Instability. Read more here.

July 2015: Dr. Ganem received the Jackie King Young Investigator Award from the Melanoma Research Alliance. More information here.

  • To support melanoma research in the name of Jackie King, please click here.

June 2015: Amanda Bolgioni and Sanghee Lim pass their qualifying exams. Congrats Amanda and Sanghee, and don’t spend that extra $88 a month all at once!

June 2015: Allison Matthews is leaving the lab to join the Microbiology PhD program at Tufts Medical School. Victoria Kacprzak joins the lab as the new research technician. Good luck Allison and welcome Victoria!

May 2015: Hatim Mustaly receives his MA degree and has chosen to matriculate to the Boston University School of Medicine in the fall. Congrats Hatim!

May 2015: Dr. Ganem selected to receive the Alex Burdo Research Award from the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

  • Please read about Alex here. Learn more about his passion for birds here.


Alex Burdo

April 2015: Sanghee Lim receives a Medical Student Research Grant from the Melanoma Research Foundation. Congrats, Sanghee!

March 2015: Dr. Ganem selected as the Jackie King Young Investigator Award Recipient by the Melanoma Research Alliance.

  • Please read about Jackie here. More about “The Lost Voice of Melanoma” here.


Jackie King

March 2015: Dr. Ganem chosen as a 2015 Searle Scholar.

January 2015: Dr. Ganem chosen to receive the Todd Nagel Memorial Award from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

  • Please read about the Nagel family here.

December 2014: Tenny Mudianto receives a UROP fellowship from BUSM. Congrats Tenny!

December 2014: Dr. Ganem receives a Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research.

November 2014: Elizabeth Shenk passes her prospectus exam. Congrats Liz!

August 2014: Dr. Ganem chosen as a Karin Grunebaum Cancer Research Fellow

  • Please read about Karin Grunebaum here.


Karin Grunebaum

August 2014: Our paper describing the tumor suppressor pathway that limits the proliferation of tetraploid cells is published in Cell.

Here is a picture of our proposed (but ultimately rejected!) cover photo (artwork by Philip Tan).