Family-Based Future Planning For Autism In Adulthood

Dr. Gael Orsmond and Dr. Kristin Long are developing a new program to help adult siblings work with their families and brother/sister with autism (or autism spectrum disorder) to plan for the future.  


Boston University is developing a new program to help adult siblings who have a brother or sister on the autism spectrum work with their families to plan for the future. We are looking for adult siblings to help us develop this new program. Some participants will view online materials and other participants will have 6 or 7 internet-based individual meetings.

• Who? Adult siblings ages 18 and older
• What? (1) Complete questionnaires three times (2) Review online information or have online meetings.
• How long? 7 months
• When? At a time convenient for you
• Where? At a convenient location, such as home or work
• Cost? There is no cost if you participate. You will be compensated for your participation in the study. Participants will receive up to $75 for participating.

For PDFs of our Recruitment Flyers See: 

Recruitment Flyer

If you prefer a member of our research team contact you directly via phone or email, please fill out and send us a Consent to Contact form.

For more information please contact:

(617) 358-1633

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