The Access Observatory @ Boston University

A platform for sharing results from access-to-medicines programs in low- and middle-income countries

Developed as part of the Access Accelerated initiative, the purpose of the BUSPH Access Observatory is to create a centralized system for companies and implementing partners to report on their NCD access programs. The Observatory includes the Boston University developed Metrics Framework with indicators for measuring access-to-medicines programs.

The Goals of this Observatory are:

  1. To provide transparent information to the public
  2. To support the collection of data in a consistent manner that allows for aggregation across programs and initiatives

Who can use the Access Observatory?

  • All pharmaceutical companies are invited to input data, whether part of Access Accelerated or not
  • Implementing partners involved in access-to-medicines are also invited to submit into the Access Observatory

User Reporting

The Access Observatory has an easy-to-use reporting system where users can submit information describing their programs and data on key performance indicators. All data input into the Access Observatory will be reviewed by BU before being made available in the public domain. This iterative review process is intended to ensure, completeness, clarity, and comprehensiveness of all information provided. Companies register programs into the Observatory in three steps:

1.       Registration Form 2.       Reporting Form 3.       Data Entry Form
The registration form collects descriptive information about the implementation of the access program and how the program is mapped to the strategies in the Metrics Framework The reporting form collects a description of what data is collected for the program, including core indicators outlined in the Metrics framework, and how this data is processed The reporting form is where companies input quantitative data for the program and optional qualitative data (e.g. case studies and/or other publications

Public Website

All data input into the Access Observatory will be made available in the public domain on the Access Observatory webpage. Programs can be searched on several criteria, including program strategy, geographical location, and disease focus. The Access Observatory public website will go live in early 2018.

Additional Resources

New and potential users of the Access Observatory can find resources including Job Aids and Registration and Reporting form templates.

Boston University is available to support companies in the registration of their programs into the Access Observatory. Companies are encouraged to contact BU with questions on the Metrics Framework and/or the Access Observatory.

Interested in Registering Your Access Program?

Visit the Access Observatory by following the link here: