Talia M. Vestri


My research and teaching focus on the literature of British Romanticism in the context of the long eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In my dissertation, “The Sibling in the Self: Kinship and Subjectivity in British Romantic Literature,” I argue that sibling kinship offers a model of relationality that has been overshadowed by Romanticism’s enduring myth of solitary genius. Reading works by Wordsworth, Austen, Baillie, and the Shelleys, I suggest that siblinghood offers new paradigms for imagining the Romantic “self” via inter-subjective networks and collective identities.

In support of my scholarship, I have served as Senior Editorial Assistant for the journal Studies in Romanticism, as Graduate Assistant for the Boston Area Romanticist Colloquium, and as a board member and blog writer for the Graduate Student Caucus of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) at www.nassrgrads.com. I have also acted as Chair (2013) and Core Organizer (2017) for two student-run conferences hosted by the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS) at MIT and have earned a Graduate Certificate from BU’s Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

Ph.D., English Literature, Boston University, January 2018
Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Boston University, 2018
M.A., English and American Literature, Boston University
B.A., English, Vassar College

Recent Online Publications
“Dear Friend, Dearest Sister,” The Keats Letters Project (Sept. 2017)

Pride and Prejudice and Politics,” NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Blog (Dec. 2016)

“How Far Feminism?” NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Blog (Dec. 2015)

Recent Conference Presentations
“Sister Lives: Austen’s Sororal Bildungsromane and the Imagining of History,” NASSR, Ottawa, Canada (August 2017)

“Queer(ing) Kinship: Fraternal Reproduction and Sororal Transmission in The Cenci,” British Women Writers Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (June 2017)

“Dear, Dear Sisters and Dear, Dear Friends: Rethinking the Relation of Romantic Siblings,” NASSR, Berkeley, California (August 2016)

“Spots of Sibling Time: Relational Networks in Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads,” MLA, Austin, Texas (January 2016)

Courses Taught
Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program
Topics in WGS: “Why Marry?: The History, Fantasy, and Reality of Married Sexuality”

English Department
Introduction to Fiction: “Women’s Voices”
Freshman Seminar in Literature: “Reading Romanticism Today
Freshman Seminar in Literature: “What Would Jane Do?: Austen & her Audiences”
Literary Types: Poetry
Literary Types: Fiction: “Family Fictions”
Shakespeare: “Shakespeare on Love, Hate, and Everything”
Literature and the Art of Film (TA for Prof. Lee Monk)

Writing Program
Writing 100 & 150: Writing & Research Seminars: “Me, Myself & I: The Poetics of Selfhood”
Writing 100 & 150: Writing & Research Seminars: “All in the Family: Stories of American Life”