Lia Sloth Calhoun

liacalhounI study twentieth- and twenty first-century American Literature with special emphasis on spatial justice.  I am particularly interested in how writers investigate national borders, physical landscapes, town, and home as sites of conflict and contradiction in the American story.  My focus is on literary engagement with American political, economic, and cultural practices that contribute to inequality and injustice of, in, and through space.  I am working toward a dissertation project which analyzes the intersections of literary, photographic, and sociological texts that share a concern for particular home spaces, from tenement housing in the urban North, to changing domestic spaces in the postbellum South, to alternative conceptions of home and family in the West. You can view my CV here.

Ph.D. in English, Boston University, expected May 2016
M.A. in English, Boston University, 2009
B.A. in English, double emphasis in Literature and Creative Writing, Seattle Pacific University, 2005

Courses Taught:
Independent Instructor:
WR 100: Writing Seminar: “Mapping Justice in 20th Century American Literature,” Fall 2014
EN 127: Readings in American Literature: “Space and Place in American Imagination,” Spring 2014
EN 120: Freshman Seminar in Literature: “Mapping Justice in 20th Century American Literature,” Fall 2013
WR 150: Writing and Research Seminar: “The American Short Story Since 1945,” Spring 2012
WR 100: Writing Seminar: “The American Short Story Since 1945,” Fall 2011
EN 121: Readings in World Literature: “The Self and Other,” Spring 2011
EN 141: Literary Types: Fiction, “That Which Can’t be Said Any Other Way,” Fall 2010

Teaching Assistant:
EN 327: “Fiction of the Modern American South,” with Professor John Matthews, Boston University, Spring 2013