Carl Weitkamp


My research interests focus on the intersection of twentieth-century American literature and the philosophy of language.  I am also interested in ways that computational algorithms and digital mapping techniques can be applied to literary texts in order to reveal broader trends of style and genre.  I am currently developing a project that approaches American war literature through the lens of ordinary language philosophy in order to examine how literary representations of violence participate in, and disrupt, Wittgensteinian language games.

PhD in English, Boston University, in progress
MA in English, Boston University, 2011
BA in English and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009

Courses Taught
WR 150 – Technology and Violence in American Literature (Spring 2013)
WR 100 – Technology and Violence in American Literature (Fall 2012)
EN 121 – Problems of Justice and Ethics in World Literature (Spring 2012)
EN 141 – Twentieth-Century American Fiction (Fall 2011)