Andrew Christensen


I am interested in the interactions between literature and the natural sciences in the nineteenth century and literature and the visual arts in the early twentieth century. My dissertation project focuses on the development and transmission of theories of heredity in scientific discourses, folklore, and especially in nineteenth-century British and European novels.

Ph.D., English Literature, Boston University, in progress
M.A., English and American Literature, Boston University, 2009
B.A., History of Art, University of Cambridge, 2004
B.A., English, Weber State University, 2000

Courses Taught
Writing Program
WR150 Utopia and Dystopia in Philosophy and Literature
WR100 Utopia and Dystopia in Philosophy and Literature
WR100 The Mad Scientist in Literature and Film

English Department
EN143  Literary Types: Drama
EN141  Literary Types: Fiction
EN125  Readings in Modern Literature

As T.A.:
EN363 Shakespeare I
EN322 British Literature I
EN175 Literature and the Art of Film