Alex Macconochie

amacconochie grad profile picture I study early modern literature, with a focus on drama. My dissertation, which focuses on the social functions of touch, argues that early modern drama offers audiences scripts for negotiating social relations. Gestures such as embraces, kisses, kicks and holding hands enact a range of relationships, from coercive dominance to voluntary submission to reciprocity or mutuality. Drawing on the historicized phenomenology of recent scholarship on the sense of touch, my project also engages with a growing body of work, especially on questions of gender and sexuality in the period, that employs the practice theory of writers like Bourdieu and de Certeau to understand how everyday practices, such as touch gestures, might serve as strategies of social distinction and affiliation. My project thus aims to place early modern tactility within a social context, extending our understanding of early modern experiences and representations of embodiment. You can view my CV here.