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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” ~ Albert Einstein

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Amy BrownAmyB 


Amy E. Brown was born in the small town of Hamburg, Iowa. She went on to attend Northwest Missouri State University, where she completed her bachelor of arts degree in chemistry in 2007.  At the University of Maryland she furthered her education with a master’s degree in Chemical and Life Sciences in 2012, with a final paper over the role of sensors in breast cancer detection.  She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in synthetic organic chemistry at Boston University with a research emphasis in pi-conjugated materials and was awarded the very prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2016).   When not making new molecules you can usually catch her watching Kansas City Royals baseball, following NWMSU Bearcat football, playing with her two kitties or just getting lost in a good book. google_scholar


Carmen Betts (Gott)



Carmen received her B.S in Chemistry from Wichita State University in 2014. In her undergraduate career, she was President of the local ACS student chapter and actively involved in a variety of STEM outreach activities. Carmen is currently pursuing her PhD in Organic Chemistry at Boston University. Her research is interests are conjugated, organic materials with an emphasis in monodisperse oligomers. When she is not growing oligomers, she is typically out exploring Boston or trying a new restaurant with friends.



De’Zhanae McCall-Butler


De’Zhanae was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Pensacola, FL in the 5th grade. She conducted her undergraduate studies at the University of West Florida and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 2019 while researching in the area of non-toxic quantum dots for biological applications. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Organic Chemistry at Boston University with a research emphasis in the development of novel pi-conjugated materials for organic photovoltaic applications. In her free time, Dez enjoys exploring Boston, finding good places to eat, and getting used to the big city lifestyle.


Evan Muller




Evan was raised in Jamestown, Ohio where he participated in 4-H and was a state champion in dog showmanship. He conducted his undergraduate studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and received his B.S. in Chemistry in 2013. Evan then attended Iowa State University to begin his Ph.D studies in Chemistry under Dr. Malika Jeffries-EL, and transferred to Boston University along with his advisor at the end of 2015 to continue his studies. Evan’s research focus is on the development and improvement of conducting polymers for use in organic photovoltaic devices. During his off-hours, Evan enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy as well as playing the guitar.


David Wheeler


DLW-SBSDavid Wheeler grew up in the small town of Talking Rock, Georgia where he graduated from Pickens High School.  He later obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Georgia (2016) while researching in the areas of computational and synthetic chemistry.  David has presented three posters in these areas at local and national levels and is currently pursuing his doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry.  In his free time, he loves to go hiking and wine tasting with friends or “relax” to a good horror movie.

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