Guidelines for Contributions

Here are some guidelines to make an effective blog post on the Educational Technology Blog:


  • The post should have to do specifically with technologies in use or available for use at BU. We do not post ads for vendors.
  • Blog posts should be on a technology-related topic of relevance to faculty in different parts of the BU community.
  • Posts are usually of three kinds: case studies (highlighting an interesting or unusual use of technology in teaching at BU), tips and tricks (giving ideas on how to use a particular technology more effectively), and announcements (alerting BU faculty and staff to new developments related to their use of educational technology).


  • 100-200 words is a good length. If you want to post additional information, use the More tag.
  • Remember that the intended audience is faculty, and those of us who support faculty. The post should highlight elements of interest to them.
  • Include links to all websites mentioned in the post. Having links to previous posts and/or related external websites is also helpful.

Technical points

  • Remember to put the post under Posts, not Pages.
  • Make sure to select categories on the post so it can be searched.
  • Every post should go under either Announcements, Case Studies or Tips and Tricks.
  • If it relates to one or more specific technologies, it should have categories for the technology and the genre.
  • If it involves a particular college or school, it should have that college or school as a category.
  • Keep in mind BU’s Social Media Guidelines:
  • It’s helpful to use our Twitter feed @edtechbu to publicize a post; you can do it yourself if you have access or email Amod Lele to ask that that be done.