About This Blog

Welcome to the Educational Technology Blog, a showcase for faculty technology innovations across Boston University’s campuses. Here, you can expect to find both announcements about up-and-coming technologies at BU, and case studies of new and exciting ways that faculty around BU are using technology to further their teaching and research goals.

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Posts on this blog will be placed into categories according to both the specific technology or software package (such as Blackboard) and the broader genre or style of educational technology that it is a part of (such as learning management systems). On the right, you’ll see a list of all the genres and technologies we’ve posted on so far, and the schools where they’re used. Feel free to click these and explore what you’re interested in.

This blog is set up using sites.bu.edu, a service that allows faculty and staff to create websites for projects without special departmental permission. You can request a sites.bu.edu site by emailing the IT Help Center.

This blog is hosted by BU’s educational technologists. You can find us on TechWeb. If you’re BU faculty, we can work with you to help you find technological innovations that will support your own teaching.