Upcoming conference on instructional design

August 26th, 2013 in Announcements

For anyone at BU looking to learn more about instructional design and educational technology or get more involved in these fields, the Northeast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP) is hosting an event on October 21 in the Albany area from 9am-3pm.

NERCOMP’s description of the event:
“The field of instructional technology and design has been continuously evolving as teaching strategies adapt to the rapid advance of technologies. We have become quite familiar with related terms, such as Instructional Technology, Instructional Design, Curriculum Design, Course Development, and Academic Technology, to name a few, and yet questions remain about their meaning in higher education. What do they mean on your campus? What responsibilities does an Instructional Designer or Academic Technologist have? Are they involved in technical support? E-learning? Curriculum and instructional design? Faculty development? System administration? While most of these types of activities are in play at your institution, answers to these questions will likely vary depending on campus organization, culture, academic program, and other factors. More