avatar-ven Venkatesh Saligrama
Office: PHO 438

Research Assistant Professors & Post-Docs

Dr. Yao Ma
Research topics: Bandits and Resource Constrained Machine Learning
Office: PHO 411A
Dr. Hanxiao Wang (joint with Stan Sclaroff)
Research Topics: Learning human interactions, limited shot learning, fairness and accountability in ML

Graduate Students

Alp Acar, PhD Student Research topics: Learning with limited supervision, Fairness and accountability in ML
Office: PHO 411A
Pengkai Zhu, PhD Student Research topics: Zero-shot Detection and Learning
Office: PHO 411A


Tolga Bolukbasi
PhD 2018
Current: Applied Research Scientist, Google Brain
Research (BU):
Resource Constrained Learning, Societal Impact of Machine Learning
Feng Nan
PhD 2018
Current: Applied Research Scientist, Amazon AWS
Research (BU):
Resource Constrained Learning
Yuting Chen
PhD 2017
Current: Applied Research Scientist, Adobe Research
Research (BU):
Person re-identification, surveillance video analytics
Cem Aksoylar
PhD 2017
Current: Applied Scientist, Microsoft, Sunnyvale, CA
Research (BU): Information theory with Sparsity Constraints,
Detection theory for signals on graphs
Joe Wang
Post-doctoral Associate (2014-2016)
Current: Research Scientist, Amazon, Cambridge
Research (BU): Resource Constrained Learning, Deep Learning
Ziming Zhang
Post-doctoral Associate (2014-2016)
Current: Research Scientist, MERL
Research (BU): Zero Shot Learning, Deep Learning
Greg Castanon
PhD 2016
Current: Systems and Technology Research, Research Staff Member
Research (BU): Exploratory Search Through Large Video Corpora
Manjesh Hanawal
Post-doctoral Associate (2014-2016)
Current: Assistant Professor, IIT Mumbai
Research (BU): Resource Constrained Learning
Weicong Ding
PhD 2015
Current: Amazon, Research Scientist
Research (BU): Topic Modeling
Jing Qian
PhD 2014
Current: Facebook Inc., Research Scientist
Research: Anomaly detection, Signal Detection on Graphs
Philip Tran
MS 2014
Current: MIT Lincoln Labs
Research (BU): Person Re-Identification
Mohammad Rohban
Post-doctoral Associate (2012-2014)
Current: Assistant Professor, Sharif University, Computer Engineering
Research (BU): Structured Signal Processing & Topic Modeling
Delaram Motamed Vaziri
PhD 2014
Current: Senior Data Scientist, Visual IQ
Research (BU): High dimensional inference, structured sparse models and non-linear measurement channels
Kirill Trapeznikov
PhD 2013
Current: Lead Research Scientist, Systems & Technology Research
Research (BU): Machine learning on a budget
Mohamed El-Gharib
Post-doctoral Associate (2010-2012)
Current: Research Associate, QCRI
Research (BU):Exploratory Video Search
Manqi Zhao
PhD 2011
Current: Google Inc
Research (BU): Anomaly Detection based on KNN Graphs, Sparse Recovery, Compressed Sensing
Erhan Ermis
PhD 2010
Current: Principal, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Research (BU): Video Anomaly Detection, Multi-Camera Matching, Statistical Signal Processing
Shuchin Aeron
PhD 2008
Current: Associate Professor, ECE, Tufts University
Research: Efficient sensing and reconstruction of sparse phenomena: bounds and algorithms
George Atia
PhD 2008
Current: Associate Professor, EECS, University of Central Florida
Research: Robust strategies for cooperative and cognitive wireless communication systems