The Data Science & Machine Learning laboratory is involved in projects related to Machine Learning, Vision & Learning, Structured Signal Processing, and Decision & Control. The laboratory is led by Prof. Venkatesh Saligrama.

Several recent graduates from the laboratory have gone on to research positions in academia (Tufts, UCF, Broad-Institute, WPI, IIT Mumbai, and Sharif) and industry (Amazon, MERL, Facebook, Google, STR).

In the area of machine learning recent research projects have dealt with resource constrained machine learning, graph-structured signal detection and recovery, topic modeling and anomaly detection.

Another focus of our recent research is on developing machine learning methods in the context of computer vision. We work on problems involving video analytics in highly cluttered scenes, search and retrieval in large video stores, zero-shot learning, person re-identification and real-time anomaly detection.

The lab is funded from a variety of sources including ONR, DHS, NSF, NGA and AFOSR.



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