Human Trafficking

For my blog post I picked something that hit really close to home for me. A few weeks ago a female was apprehended after being indicted in a human trafficking drug ring that has been going on since 2016. The reason this hits really close to home is because in the past several months there have been a handful of unsuccessful attempts to abduct women from local grocery stores. One of those was my mother’s boss. The woman who was apprehended had actually worked with me just a few weeks prior to being caught. I even trained her. 

We have discussed crimes such as rape and sexual predators. This young woman whose was apprehended was a victim of human trafficking in the past. She even spoke on the Health Panel at the 9th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness day, to tell her story and help lead the fight against human trafficking. Her charges range from charged with one count each of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, trafficking in persons for commercial sex acts, compelling prostitution, promoting prostitution and kidnapping. 

In module five on looking at offenders it ask you what image comes to mind when you think of the typical sex offender” (Rousseau, 2019). The image I had in my head was definitely not one of the females that I had previously worked with. Biological, psychological , and social factors play a big role. In this case (which is in the early stages) psychological factors play a huge role. The trauma she had suffered before no doubt contributed; social factors could play a big role as well. The areas she grew up in before moving down to this area in Ohio played a big role because of the individuals she was previously involved with.

I am attaching a link to one of the articles.



Rousseau, D. (November 2019). Lesson 5.2 Sexual Offenses and Treatment.

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