Training and Education in Community Engaged Research

Two people laughing with their hands raised and in a fun pose.
The Community Engagement team bringing activities that develop constructive attitudes… with a dose of fun!

The CE team offers several types of educational trainings and workshops to build the capacity of all stakeholders to engage in meaningful partnerships. Trainings can be customized to meet the needs of different groups.

Two of our flagship trainings include:

Connecting Community to Research

Connecting Community to Research is an introductory level training designed for community members with little to no prior knowledge of research.

The CCR training has been successful in:

  1. Introducing community members to basic research concepts
  2. Demonstrating how research can be used to address a community need
  3. Emphasizing how community partners are vital to the research process

We created a toolkit to help others to replicate this training. Click HERE to download our Toolkit!

Communicating to Engage

 This engaging, dynamic, and interactive workshop builds bridges between community members, patients, providers, researchers, and other stakeholders involved in health related research.

The objectives of this training are to:

  1. Put everyone in the same room, discuss the importance of communication in community engaged research in social justice framework, and
  2. Use improvisation theater techniques to practice these effective communication skills.