Maya Randolph, MSSW

Communication and Training Coordinator

Picture of Maya Randolph

Maya Randolph, MSSW is the Training and Communications Coordinator at the Women’s Health Unit (WHU) at Boston Medical Center. Maya earned their Masters of Science in Social Work from the Columbia School of Social Work, focusing on International Social Welfare and Rights for Immigrants and Refugees through program design, research, and evaluation. Mx. Randolph just returned from working in rural India utilizing arts-based participatory methods to evaluate the impact of programs meant to support the overall well-being of young Adivasi women in the area. Throughout their academic career, Maya has taught low income youth of color in different communities in the United States, created interactive educational programming to address the negative effects of poverty, trauma, and structural oppression on attainment for students in marginalized communities, and has worked in mixed-methods research exploring how structural oppression impacts different aspects of life for members of different marginalized communities.

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