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Komen Mentoring and Training in Cancer Health Disparities (MATCH)

Didactic training in research methods through matriculation in a BU graduate degree program.The MATCH program is administered through the Women’s Health Interdisciplinary Research Center and the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health with expertise in community-engaged health services research focused on the needs of low-income, minority women. Our mentorship team will support MATCH Scholars to ensure coordination of rigorous didactic graduate degree training with unique community-engaged breast cancer research opportunities. An annual stipend to support completion of the following program components:

  1. Career mentorship from MATCH Mentors (see list below) to ensure future potential to work in breast cancer disparities research.
  2. Peer and faculty advising to identify, develop and complete a mentored research project.
  3. Training in the conduct of community-engaged research methods in partnership with our Breast Cancer Patient Advisory Group.

Upon completion of the program, MATCH Scholars will have the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively explore the causes of differential breast cancer outcomes and interventions to reduce disparities.

Chen Wong defended his dissertation entitled “Molecular Underpinnings of Tumor Suppression of Colon and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)” on November 5th 2018.  As a Komen MATCH scholar in Dr Sam Thiagalingam’s lab, Chen identified microRNAs suppressed when TNBC cells progress from the premalignant to the malignant stage.  He found that reintroducing these microRNAs into TNBC cells is sufficient to impair their migratory and self-renewal properties, suggesting that these microRNAs exert a tumor-suppressive function and could potentially serve as a therapeutic tool against TNBC.  Throughout his training, Chen was also involved in characterizing genes deregulated during metastatic progression of TNBC, including IL13RA2, POSTN, and SDPR, which resulted in three peer-reviewed publications.  Upon graduation, Chen intends to continue his training as a postdoctoral researcher to identify new therapies for TNBC to reduce the disparity in survival outcome for this disease subtype.

Congratulations, Chen!

The Komen MATCH Program is currently not accepting candidates.


2017-18 Komen MATCH Scholars
2016 Komen Scholars

Chen Khuan Wong, Eleni Stampouloglou, Lauren Barber (l-r)


2017-18 Komen MATCH Scholars:

Lauren Barber:  PhD Program in Epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health, 2016-Present
Eleni Stampouloglou: PhD Candidate in the Department of Biochemistry at Boston University School of Medicine,  2013-Present
 Chen Wong: PhD Candidate in Genetics and Genomics at Boston University School of Medicine,  2012-2018


Komen MATCH Mentors

Komen MATCH Past Scholars