BU Clinical and Translational Science Institute

CTSIThe BU CTSI has been working with BMC for over five years. The CTSI has collaborated with a number of programs at BMC to make practical use of the data from scientific research performed in vulnerable populations. Dr. Tracy Battaglia is the director of the CTSI Community Engagement core.

Goals of CTSI Community Engagement (CE) core:

  • Engage community providers and community members in partnerships, collaborations, and CTSI training activities
  • Educate researchers and trainees about importance of community engagement
  • Connect researchers and resources across disciplines using community input in collaboration with researchers

The CE core has been accomplishing these goals with activities, such as:

  • Community Advisory Board: Currently the WHU is creating and expanding its CAB to include not only CHC board members and leaders, but also a Patient Advisory Group. Cancer survivors will make up the Patient Advisory Group.
  • Community Education: Community Health Educator-Patient Navigator Training, ENACCT
  • Collaboration with the ReSPECT Registry

Partnerships between the BU CTSI and BMC: